Nick Fredman | Product Designer

I organize teams, design interactions, and approach work with a sense of play. I'm always looking for fun projects to work on. If you're part of a great team or have an exciting idea, please reach out! If you want to know what I'm up to, check out my writing on Medium.


An analytics engine for romantic texting
Android App

A live, video-streaming platform for musicians
Landing Page & Pitch Deck


San Francisco's public transportation
iOS App


San Francisco's public transportation


Image gallery for storing reference photos
iOS App

Past Work

Side Projects & Unfinished Ideas

User Experience

The user always comes first. I believe in creating positive user experiences by balancing form and function throughout my design process.

Problem Solving

I begin by asking why. Make sure the problem is not a symptom of a larger issue before working on a solution.


I use many different tools to do wireframes, mockups, and prototypes depending on the project. From sketches to OmniGraffle, Sketch3, Marvel, inVision, and FramerJS.


Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Sass, and JavaScript. I'm also comfortable with some front-end frameworks and XCode.


I'm a people-focused design manager. I've hired and managed teams both in-person and remote, and I'm passionate about connecting the right individuals to a project.


Learning drives my life and has since I was little. I love teaching and sharing this passion with others (my writing on Medium).